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Journey to the Sacred:
A Six-Week Writing Pilgrimage

What do you hold sacred? In an era focused on surface over depth, success over wisdom, and material goods over inner treasure, many of us lose track of the power of sacredness in our lives – and how we suffer in its absence. But do we mean by sacredness?  Do we need faith in order to know what’s sacred? Is sacredness personal or religious (or both)? Is the sacred esoteric, rare, and confined to particular spaces and things? Or is the sacred ubiquitous and everyday, defining the very substance of what makes us human, and infusing the world with brightness and care?
In this popular six-week e-course, Journey to the Sacred: A Six-Week Writing Pilgrimage, Mark Matousek reveals the necessity for sacredness in everyday life, and how the discovery of what we hold sacred opens the door to deep happiness. These eloquent teachings will open your heart and deepen your understanding of authentic spiritual practice and awakening.
Your responses to the lessons in Journey to the Sacred will reveal more than you may realize about how you experience life, what you expect from yourself and others, where you are wounded and in need of healing, and how deeply – or haltingly – you are able to love. This course will inspire you spiritually, broaden you psychologically, and empower you emotionally. You will also sharpen your awareness of all that is mysterious, marvelous, and transformational in the sacred dimension of your life.

I hope you enjoy this course and find the lessons inspiring! It’s important to remember that insight always emerges from the journey not the destination. There is no right or wrong way to respond to these prompts. What matters is honesty, risk-taking, and the courage to question the narratives you live by as you move through the lessons in Journey to the Sacred. Remember that “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.” That is the purpose of Writing To Awaken, to prompt insight and transformation as you reveal and explore your relationship to sacredness in everyday life. Download the Writing to Awaken Guidelines to use as a reference in your ongoing writing practice.

Journey to the Sacred Lessons

Download the PDF lessons to your computer or device.
Lesson One: What is Sacred
Explore the question of where you currently find sacredness in your life.
Lesson Two: The Role of Disgust
Discover the link between the moral emotion of disgust and the need for sacredness in human evolution.
Lesson Three: Soul and Spirit
The contrast between Soul and Spirit as spiritual orientations is illuminated.
Lesson Four: Beginners Mind
Beginners Mind is a practice for seeing each moment of life through sacramental eyes.
Lesson 5: The Language of Emotions
Explore how language is linked to sacredness, and story is linked to personal meaning.
Lesson Six: The Purpose of Wonder
Consider the role of awe and elevation in the process of human enlightenment.

Other Writing Opportunities

If you would like to deepen your journaling practice, I’d like to invite you to join me for a free 30-day trial of The Seekers Forum, my community for self-inquiry and spiritual development, where I offer LIVE weekly Guided Writing Sessions. The Seekers Forum is an interactive writing and discussion group for people interested in strengthening self-awareness, increasing creativity, and using writing as a spiritual practice. For more information and registration, go to theseekersforum.com. It would be great to have you with us!
If you have any questions about this course or The Seekers Forum, don’t hesitate to write to us directly at [email protected]. Enjoy!