Awakening Genius:
An Exploration of Desire & The Creative Life

Let author and teacher Mark Matousek help you tap into your unique genius and bring your singular gifts into the world


What Is Your Unique Gift?

Each of us is born with a unique genius, a singular gift, a creative power. “Insight is the key to this power — desire its fuel,” says Mark Matousek. To realize this innate potential, we must first learn to recognize and cultivate “the whisper only we can hear.” Then we must choose how to direct this creative impulse and persevere on our chosen path with courage and a measure of stubbornness. Your genius need not be “headline-worthy or dramatic,” Mark notes, but it is nearly always present from early childhood. When you learn to trust this in-born gift, you open the way to your full potential.

In this popular six-week Home Study Course, Mark leads you on a step-by-step journey toward discovering, honoring, and actualizing the creative potential that lies dormant inside you. These lessons that have helped thousands of students discover their true purpose through self-inquiry and targeted writing, guiding you into the secret garden where creative genius is waiting to be tapped.

“Mark Matousek is an insightful, compelling, and incisive teacher…truthful, direct, open, and compassionate. He takes students on a provocative journey to places we need to go if we are to live and create from our deepest selves.”

-Marcia Lippman, photographer

Though our gifts are our natural inheritance, their realization is not a given. Many of us are divided against ourselves, torn between emotions, logic, impulses, shame, and fear. It’s no wonder we’re confounded by our genius. “The more we learn to tell the truth about our own desires, the less afraid we become,” Mark tells us. “As fear subsides, passion grows stronger and brings the force of genius with it.” The purpose of awakening genius is to bring your aptitudes into reality and nurture your full potential.

"Simply put - if you're looking to make a change, reach beyond your comfort zone and see the world and your life through fresh eyes, take a course with Mark Matousek who is truly a great teacher and a great writer"

~Mary Jo Shen, memoir writer and philanthropist

What you will learn in Awakening Genius:
● In Lesson One, “Beyond Words,” Mark invites you to find ways into the wordless interior garden where your “flashes of creativity tend to rise out of moments of stillness and silence.”
● In Lesson Two, “The Landscape of Desire,” he encourages you to explore the source of your genius, and to practice surrender, self-trust, and obedience to mystery.
● Lesson Three underlines the importance of “Focus and Flow,” the process of choice-making and one-pointed attention that facilitates your natural creative process.
● Lesson Four focuses on “Aptitude,” identifying and maximizing the power of your natural gifts.
● The necessity of “Courage” in creative effort is the subject of Lesson Five, as well as how ambivalence and procrastination sabotage personal genius.
● Finally, in Lesson Six, we turn to “Self-Actualization” as the goal of awakening genius and coming to embody our full potential.

How the Course Works

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to Thank You page which includes a Course Overview, Lesson One, a video from Mark with guidance in the Writing to Awaken method of self-inquiry, and his Writing to Awaken Guidelines. Subsequent lessons will arrive every seven days via email for the remainder of the course. Students are encouraged to do the lessons in order, taking no more than a week to complete each one. This creates a learning momentum that will serve you well when working solo.
In Awakening Genius — as in all of his home study courses — Mark offers simple, direct instruction gleaned from 35 years of experience as a professional writer, teacher, and spiritual practitioner. Each lesson begins with an introductory essay followed by a series of evocative writing prompts to explore in any way you choose. This is where the alchemy of self-discovery happens. When you explore these questions honestly, you’ll discover that the life-changing power of self-awareness is sparked by curiosity and the commitment to truth-telling. Mark’s Writing to Awaken method encourages you to be as forthcoming and candid as possible, knowing that this is the doorway to your true potential. Awakening Genius is a great opportunity to engage with Mark’s transformative teachings as you might in a personalized, one-on-one workshop, from the privacy of your home and on your own schedule. Writing to Awaken has helped countless people around the world in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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