Learn the essential tools for creating powerful personal narrative


There’s a saying in memoir writing circles:
You don’t get any credit for living.

This means that until you understand the universal significance of what has happened to you, your writing will lack the depth and insight necessary to create an honest and powerful memoir.
What is the arc of the story? How do you create a memorable scene? What are your narrator’s defining characteristics? What is your responsibility to living people in your memoir?
The Nuts and Bolts of Memoir will provide you with the tools to shape, and give voice to, the essential story you want to tell.
If you’re confused about where to begin, or having trouble with structure, technique, focus, or momentum, this course will guide you through the writing process and help you cross the finish line.
Mark brings three decades of experience as an award-winning memoirist, mentor, and educator to his unique method of memoir instruction. This popular program has helped countless people around the globe realize their personal and literary goals.

“Mark’s writing instruction is a gift to the world. An engaging process of self-inquiry guided by just the right questions, it is perhaps the most effective of all spiritual practices. Since it bypasses dogma and doctrine, it is available to anyone who wants to heal, grow, and connect with their authentic self.”

~Joan Borysenko, Ph.D
Best-selling author, speaker, and a leading expert
on stress, spirituality, and the mind-body connection.
Memoir writing is deceptively challenging. Many beginning writers are ill prepared for the obstacles that arise when recreating real-life events and turning the raw materials of personal experience into truthful, compelling narratives.
Whether you’re writing for publication or personal legacy, it’s necessary to equip yourself with tools that will serve you well throughout the creative process.
In this comprehensive ten-lesson course for writers of all levels, Mark provides the fundamental skills needed to construct, execute, and complete your memoir. This step-by-step guide will lead you to your authentic writing voice providing the freedom to create stories written with honesty, courage, insight, and self-trust.


The Nuts and Bolts of Memoir is a multimedia independent study course.
Each original lesson is available in audio and PDF formats. Also included is a video overview of the course along with a video introduction to Mark’s Writing to Awaken method. All files are accessed through this website after purchase and downloadable to your phone, tablet, or computer.
Lesson One: Creating the “I” – Learn how to turn yourself into a protagonist on the page.
Lesson Two: Creating a Frame – Learn to sketch the arc of your memoir, where it begins and where it ends.
Lesson Three: Finding the Moments – Define the essential building blocks of the narrative.
Lesson Four: Creating the Scene – Learn how to describe real-life moments powerfully and cohesively.
Lesson Five: Creating Dialogue – Overcome the challenge of creating believable conversation on the page.
Lesson Six: Creating Momentum – Learn how to keep your reader turning pages.
Lesson Seven: Real Life Characters – Practice writing about people you know without trespassing boundaries.
Lesson Eight: The Engine of Desire – Explore the why behind your desire to tell this story.
Lesson Nine: The Power of Perception – Learn to sharpen your senses in order to write more vivid, believable memoir.
Lesson Ten: Why Intention Matters – Create a game plan for your writing practice that can carry your memoir through to completion.

“Mark dared me to look into my own heart to find hidden treasures. His techniques, lessons, and tactics gave me powerful weapons and precious jewels to have the courage to see the beauty in all the fragments of life and across dimensions of time. He equipped us with excellence.”

~Amanda, USA

Full of practical tools and insights gained over Mark’s 30-year career as an author, this field guide to memoir writing shows students how to focus the story they want to tell, structure that story for narrative impact, and tell their tale as vividly and truthfully as possible.

Home Study Course Price: $329

Receiving Your Course: After purchase, you will receive two emails:
a payment receipt and a second email with a password and link to the
Course Content Page. This page contains the course lessons and videos. You can
access the Course Content Page at any time using the link and password provided.

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