Mark’s writing workshops are a great opportunity to use his transformative method of personal investigation, Writing To Awaken, for personal, professional, and spiritual development. Known for his intuitive, compassionate teaching, Mark creates a welcoming atmosphere for writers of all levels to benefit from this powerful work.
“One of the most generous-spirited presenters
I have worked with anywhere.”
~Oriane Lee Johnson
You can find Mark’s writing workshops at many well-known retreat centers and organizations such as The Omega Institute, Hollyhock, Omega Blue Spirit, Costa Rica, and Alternatives London. His self-produced week-long retreat in Italy offers the most intimate teaching and mentoring experience for attendees. He is a master of creating a safe and nurturing space for the kind of deep work that Writing to Awaken inspires.
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Writing to Awaken in Italy:
Wisdom of the Heart
June 15 – 22, 2024
Borgo Gallinaio
Monteriggioni, Tuscany

This Retreat is Full

Each of us is a treasury of stories connected by the power of love. Experiences that matter to us are guarded by memory and tenderness in the heart, and the longing to give them form.
During this weeklong workshop in Tuscany, you will discover why writing is an exquisite tool for exploring your interior collection of stories. Using Mark’s Writing to Awaken method, you’ll explore narratives closest to your heart in an atmosphere of gentle support and good humor.

You Are Not Your Story:
A Five-Day Writing Retreat
August 4 – 9, 2024
Cortes Island, B.C.

Realizing you are not your story is a quantum leap in self-discovery. Learning that you are the storyteller, not the story, liberates the mind from its unhealthy, diminishing, and obsolete narratives, and connects you to greater source of well-being.
In this workshop, veteran memoirist and writing mentor Mark Matousek will guide you through a series of transformational exercises designed to prompt self-awareness, dissolve harmful stories, and illuminate psychological shadows that may prevent you from flourishing.

Writing to Awaken:
Memoir as a Path of Healing
September 29 – October 4, 2024
The Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

In this transformational workshop guided by Mark Matousek, use personal writing as a path of self-discovery, authenticity, and spiritual growth. Utilizing targeted writing prompts, small-group sharing, and inspirational lessons and readings, Mark guides you through a process of self-inquiry designed to deepen insight, heal obsolete narratives, and hone your writer’s craft.