Writing To Awaken is Mark’s transformative method of self-discovery, creative growth, and spiritual insight.

Using targeted, revelatory questions, you’re prompted to explore your hidden narratives — to write honestly about your wounds, desires, and opportunities for growth – in order to gain an authentic understanding that can move you toward a more liberated, truthful life.
Mark teaches that each of us has a personal myth constructed from the beliefs, misperceptions, and experiences of our lives. Too often, though, we believe that we are our story. We identify so strongly with the tales we tell ourselves that we cling to them for our very existence – even when they don’t quite fit.
When you explore the gap between truth and story, it becomes a doorway to personal freedom. Writing is an unsurpassed tool for illuminating the places where you’re stuck. The core of this teaching is simple. “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.”
Scientific studies have shown that a regular writing practice has the ability to improve physical, mental, and emotional health in dramatic ways. Writing to Awaken has helped thousands of people around the world to reach their creative and spiritual goals. No writing experience is necessary.

Mark discusses a central principle of the Writing to Awaken method.


Writing to Awaken:
A Journey of Truth, Transformation, and Self-Discovery

Filled with powerful stories and revealing exercises, this book opens the craft of writing as a way to dive into the art of self-reflection. It will restore meaning and change your life.”
~Mark Nepo
Writing to Awaken is an inspirational investigation of the self through expressive writing, guiding you along the path of awakening through radical truth-telling and self-inquiry. With targeted and revelatory questions, you’ll be prompted to explore your own personal narrative—to write honestly about your deepest wounds, greatest challenges, hidden gifts, yearnings, and opportunities for growth—in order to discover a deeply authentic understanding of yourself and move toward a more liberated, truthful life.

Retreats & Workshops

Mark hosts several retreats & workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe each year. He’s also a prized faculty member at some of the most renowned retreat centers around the world.

Online Classes

Designed for writers of all levels, Mark’s Online Classes explore themes that awaken creative potential, promote psychological insight, and deepen spiritual awareness. They are intended to help individuals explore their inner world from the privacy of their home, while being a part of a like-minded community.

Home Study Courses

Each Home Study Course is an in-depth exploration of a theme from creative or spiritual life and are filled with wisdom, insight, deepening questions, and provocative writing prompts. They are ideal for people who want to deepen self-awareness, and define areas of growth, change, and creative potential.

Private Sessions

Mark works with people privately on a session-to-session basis within two primary tracks: self-inquiry and memoir/legacy writing. Mark works in the Socratic tradition, using questions as a doorway to wisdom. Whether intended for publication or not, Mark’s mentoring and individualized program deepens insight, self-awareness, and healing.