Mother of the Unseen World:
The Mystery of Mother Meera

Mark Matousek was a nonbeliever when he met Mother Meera in 1985. Yet, in her presence, he experienced inexplicable occurrences that forced him to challenge his worldview. Now, in this deeply moving and wise book, he takes us as close as possible to this extraordinary woman. Is divine incarnation truly possible, he asks, as most of the world’s religions insist? Who is Mother Meera, really? Speaking to members of her inner circle, working at her school for the poor in India, and interviewing the elusive master herself, Matousek takes the reader on a mysterious quest into the “unseen world” where the divine and human intersect.
“With a seeker’s profound curiosity, a journalist’s keen eye, and a potent combination of honesty, courage, intelligence, and tender-heartedness, Mark Matousek as written a beautiful book that is at once a spiritual autobiography and an exploration of one of the most mystical beings of our time.”
~Dani Shapiro, author of Hourglass

Praise for Mother of the Unseen World

Mother of the Unseen World reads like a classic adventure novel, with one exception – much of the adventure goes on inside the reader. I don’t know who I learned the most from – the wise and powerful Indian saint, Mother Meera, or the very human and equally wise, Mark Matousek.”
~Elizabeth Lesser, author of Broken Open and co-founder of Omega Institute
“Mark Matousek brings us to the feet of Mother Meera in this transcendent, rapturous, astonishing book.”
~Eve Ensler, author of In the Body of the World
“Mother Meera’s message of peace and love has touched me profoundly.”
~Ringo Starr
“In Mother of the Unseen World, Mark Matousek is able to walk through mystery and bewilderment holding hi questions like a flashlight in the dark. I follow him because I believe in the depth of his doubt and the urgency of his wonder.”
~Marie Howe, author of What the Living Do
“I had the great fortune to meet Mother Meera. There is no doubt in my mind that I was in the divine presence of a highly evolved being – profoundly spiritual in nature. There is no other way to describe my experience.”
~Joe Walsh, The Eagles
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