Mark invites you into a world of learning that draws on transformative writing principles for achieving both personal and professional goals.

Bestselling author and educator Mark Matousek created this series of Home Study Courses for those who enjoy independent learning without the distractions and demands of a classroom commitment. Each comprehensive multi-media course consists of essays, videos, and audio lessons that expand your understanding of the topic at hand and significantly improve your writing skills.
Whether you hope to craft your personal story into a successful memoir, develop your writer’s voice, overcome your fears of the written page, or explore writing as a spiritual path, these courses are excellent guides to accompany you in the learning process.
Scientific studies have shown that a consistent writing practice has the ability to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. These powerful lessons will give you access to deeper, more authentic creativity in the privacy of your own home. They offer a variety of exceptional opportunities for you to get in touch with your inner voice – your witness. Writers of all levels can benefit from the wisdom and insight gained in these engaging and thought-provoking courses.
Let Writing To Awaken be your guide on the path to self-knowledge and success. There’s never been a better time than now.

The Nuts & Bolts of Memoir

Ten Essential Elements for Turning Your Story into a Powerful Memoir

This comprehensive ten-week course introduces you to the fundamentals of powerful personal narrative. Designed for writers of all levels, these penetrating lessons guide you through the challenges of structure, scene-making, dialogue, and dramatic momentum necessary to crafting successful memoir.

Origins: Lineage, Legacy and Blood Relations

Uncover the Wisdom Passed Down to You Through Generations

As writers of personal narrative, we cannot escape our heritage nor can we tell our true story without acknowledging our family inheritance. Since memory exists in the blood, we must ask ourselves what lessons were instilled in us at birth? For writers of all levels, Origins: Lineage, Legacy and Blood Relations, will help you explore your roots and deepen your understanding of where you came from.

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Discover How Transformational Writing Can be a Path of Awakening

This course introduces students to the power of writing as a path of spiritual awareness and self-realization. In dialogue with our writing self, we’re able to explore our deepest questions, investigate our darkest shadows, and articulate our boldest visions. You’ll discover that Writing as a Spiritual Practice can serve as a most trusted confidante, mindfulness teacher, and therapeutic guide.

Writing Through Fear

Overcome the Fear, Insecurity, and Anxiety that Block You From Creative Freedom

If you struggle to put your thoughts down on paper, this powerful six-week course will help you explore the roots of your writing fear. From mere reluctance to writer’s block, Writing Through Fear offers tools to help you neutralize self-sabotaging patterns in the creative process. You’ll discover your authentic writer’s voice and transcend your resistance to the blank page to achieve creative freedom.