I’m looking forward to “The Mystery of Love,” a new six-week online learning program beginning September 9. This is my first time offering this course. Love is such an intricate business in all its manifestations: love of a spouse or romantic partner; love of family; love of friends; love of colleagues and role models; and, of course, love of self. We are told that love is the essence of a fulfilling life, our very reason for being alive. But how do we learn the art of loving, as psychologist Erich Fromm described it?  Many people spend their lives attempting to reduce love to its lowest denominators, however delicious and seductive: romance, companionship, sexual pleasure, dominance, possessiveness, and so on. But what is the larger meaning of love? Is love a spiritual practice? Is there such a thing as agape—unconditional love—and how might this expansive experience change us? And what about the mystery of whom we choose to love and who chooses us? What stories do we tell ourselves about love? How do we view ourselves in relationship? What is the relationship between love and desire?  I can’t wait to explore these questions in “The Mystery of Love” and hope that you will join us!