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Here you will find all of the necessary information to manage your affiliate account with Mark Matousek Media. We’re so happy that you’ve partnered with us and appreciate your helping spread the word about Mark and his work.

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The affiliate link you received after signing up is a default link that redirects visitors to Mark Matousek Media’s home page.

For banner ads and individualized product links, follow these steps:

1. Log into your affiliate account using the link above.

2. Click on Links & Tools

3. You you will notice three tabs on the left: Ads > Email > Text Links

4. Scroll through the Ads tab to find the banners that correspond to the products you want to promote. Cut and paste the HTML Code of any chosen banner onto your site or blog.

5. Move to the Text Links tab on the left. Here, you will find links for each product individually coded to credit your main affiliate account.  Through this system, we are able to generate personalized affiliate links for each product.

The Program:

Mark Matousek Media pays 50% commission on all first time referral purchases of any of our products currently being offered in the program. We pay 25% on purchases made by a returning customer originally referred through your website or blog.

Commissions will be processed at the beginning of each month based on the prior month’s activity. You will receive your affiliate commissions through PayPal, therefore you must have an active PayPal account.  You must earn a minimum of $50 in commissions before we release an affiliate payment.

Affiliate commissions are being offered on the following products.

Personal e-Study Courses:

Revised Awakening Genius e-study Cover


Awakening Genius: An Exploration of Desire & The Creative Life
In this popular six-week e-course, Mark Matousek leads you on a step-by-step journey toward discovering, honoring, and actualizing the creative potential that lies dormant inside you. Experience the lessons that have helped thousands of students discover their true purpose through self-inquiry and targeted writing. Read more



Journey to the Sacred: A Six-Step Writing Pilgrimage
These six eye-opening lessons will inspire you spiritually, broaden you psychologically, and empower you emotionally. They will sharpen your awareness of all that is mysterious, marvelous, and transformational in the sacred dimension of your life. Read more


Nuts & Bolts of Memoir CoverThe Nuts & Bolts of Memoir
Full of practical tools and insights gained over Mark’s 30-year career as an author, this field guide to memoir writing shows students how to focus the story they want to tell, structure that story for narrative impact, and tell their tale as vividly and truthfully as possible.
Read more


Question of Meaning Cover - redThe Question of Meaning: A Six-Week Writing Investigation
This course is designed to help you discover your life purpose. Discovering this mysterious, untapped potential will be your goal during this six-week intensive.  Step by step, the exercises will guide you through questions on authenticity, personal values, aspiration, vocation, and passion.  Read more


wsmWhy Story Matters: A Six-Week Writing Investigation
This six-week course is designed to be an initiation into the transformative power of telling the truth as writers and seekers. Telling the truth reminds us that storytelling is how we survive, alone and together, using the power of our words to gain wisdom from living and suffering, losing, learning, recording, examining and asking essential questions. Read more


wtfWriting Through Fear: Six Steps to Creative Freedom
During this course, you will learn to separate anxieties specific to writing from those garden-variety insecurities that have nothing to do with the writing life. These six lessons are designed to guide you through the labyrinth of common concerns that prevent writers from fully enjoying their work. Read more

Please add [email protected] to your safe sender list.  We want to stay in touch and keep you up-to-date on all new products and specials. Watch your email for important affiliate updates. Over time, we will continue to provide you with additional products with banners and links to help convert visitors into sales.

We hope you enjoy being an affiliate of Mark Matousek Media. We look forward to hearing from you as we work together to create large affiliate commissions for you as you spread the word about our digital products and personal e-study courses.

Thanks again and be well,