Thursdays @ 5:45 pm Eastern
October 1 – November 19, 2020
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“I  am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections.”

~John Keats
Love is the prime mover of our existence. It comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes but the essence of love is always the same: to awaken the heart, heal painful divisions, and open our eyes to a new way of seeing.
Yet the path of love is never smooth. Why does such a benevolent force wreak so much havoc in our lives? Why is self-love so challenging, especially when times are tough? What can we do about jealousy, shame, fear, and sabotage in matters of the heart? Why do we push people away, or cling too tightly, or otherwise ruin relationships? And how can we use love as a spiritual practice that dissolves separation, quiets the ego, and teaches us to care more deeply?
These are some of the questions you will explore in this eight-week series of guided writing sessions. Known for his provocative, gentle work with students, Mark creates a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to do this life-changing work.

“Making sense of our lives through reflective writing is a research-established way of cultivating well-being in your life. As a scientist and clinician, I find Mark Matousek’s reflections and life-changing insights to be filled with timeless wisdom and practical advice. Let Mark be your guide as you journey to the depths of your mind to nurture a new way of being with yourself and others.”

~Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Clinical Professor and NY TImes bestselling author
Using Mark’s Writing To Awaken method, these sessions are a deep-dive into the stories that drive your emotional life. Writing To Awaken is Mark’s transformative method of self-discovery, creative growth, and spiritual insight. Using targeted, revelatory questions, you’re prompted to explore your hidden narratives — to write honestly about your wounds, desires, and opportunities for growth – in order to gain an authentic understanding that can move you toward a more liberated, truthful life.
Scientific studies have shown that a regular writing practice has the ability to improve physical, mental, and emotional health in dramatic ways. Writing to Awaken has helped thousands of people around the world to reach their creative and spiritual goals. No writing experience is necessary.
Seeing Through the Eyes of Love will help you:
~Be more honest about your emotional life
~Recognize the links between fear and desire
~Explore the shadows of love, where you conceal your riches
~Debunk myths about intimate connection and expectations
~Confront issues of jealousy, shame, and guilt in love
~Understand love as a spiritual practice leading to wisdom

Sessions Overview

Week One: The Heart’s Affections
Love is the prime mover of existence, the force that generates life and enables you to connect with others as well as yourself. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your heart in love? Where is healing needed?
Week Two: The Longing To Be Seen
Emotional patterns are set in motion by the quality of parental attention you received as a child. Did you feel seen, heard, and understood by your beloved caretakers? How does this primal connection or lack of it affect your current relationships?
Week Three: Learning to Listen
You cannot love without being receptive, open, expansive, and present. Are you able to listen carefully to those you love? When do you tune out, drown out, squelch, or cancel the voices of loved ones in your life?
Week Four: We Are Not One
You cannot hear or see others clearly when merging is confused with love. Can you tolerate spaciousness, freedom, and unpredictable outcomes in relationships? Are you able to stand on your own two feet when your heart is engaged or do you tend to lose yourself?
Week Five: Playing With Power
Power dynamics are inevitable in relationships, though love has nothing to do with competition or dominance. How do you respond when shifts in power occur with people you care about? Are you comfortable with give and take, or do you need to be right?
Week Six: The Green-Eyed Monsters
Love has a number of painful shadows, including jealousy, anger, shame, and guilt. When your heart is vulnerable, what shadows are triggered? Do you recognize the source of your conflicts or project them onto the other person?
Week Seven: Abiding in Love
Patience is essential to love, abiding when relationships grow difficult, keeping the faith while harmony is restored. Are you able to abide in love or do you bolt in times of conflict and ambiguity? Can your heart tolerate confusion and ambiguity?
Week Eight: The True Romance
When you understand love as a spiritual practice, you awaken to the true romance, which has less to do with Hallmark cards than with personal awakening. Are you aware that love is an inside job? What are you seeking from others that can only from within, or from God?

How the Class Works

Each class is 75 minutes and meets on the easy-to-use Zoom platform which is accessible from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Dial-in options are also available for those who don’t want to use video. The Zoom access details are emailed the day prior to and one hour before the start of each session.
Each session will consist of Mark’s weekly lesson, followed by guided writing exercises, and ending with a group discussion. Sessions are no more than 90 minutes in length. You are not required to participate. Anonymity is respected. Each session will be recorded and a playback link emailed to registered participants.
For those who register for the complete series, there will be a Google Group for posting any writing you want to share with the class. Using Google Groups allows the class to read, comment and support each other’s work in a positive and nurturing environment. We will contact you a few days before the first class for setup in the Group.

“Mark Matousek unveils the path of writing as revelation.
He inspires all of us to take the pen in hand and look deeply into the human heart and into the world.”

~Roshi Joan Halifax, Abbott at Upaya Zen Center and best-selling author

This series will provide insight into the mysteries of love, and wisdom to use in your personal relationships. When you learn to see through the eyes of love, your life becomes an education of the heart that teaches kindness, connection, and courage.


Can’t commit to the whole series?
Choose the sessions that interest you and fit into
your schedule. Individual classes can be purchased
up to 30 minutes before the class start time.

All Classes Begin at 5:45 PM Eastern/ 2:45 pm Pacific
Sessions are recorded and the playback links are emailed to participants the following day.


Week Eight: The True Romance
Thursday, November 19, 2020


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“Mark’s illuminating assignments, poignant feedback, and seasoned direction unlocked many mysteries that had been buried within my psyche. The introspection that resulted was sometimes scary, sometimes difficult, and many time astounding — just what I needed and more. I am deeply grateful for the experience.”
~Brian, USA
“I never thought I was a writer until a friend kept at me to take Mark’s workshops. Thank goodness I finally took the plunge. The workshops have been transformative for me, delving deeply into aspects of my life and digging up memories I thought were long gone. I am forever grateful to Mark for his time, his insights, his ability to put his finger on each person’s pulse in such a way that we all learn not only from him but from each other.”
~Philippa, USA