“The expression of thoughts and feelings in language
is medicine for whatever ails us.”

~Mark Matousek

Self-Inquiry has the extraordinary power to heal the body and mind. Learning to put thoughts and feelings on paper – without censorship – gives you insight into who you are, what you believe, and what you need in order to live a happy, meaningful life.
In this free 90-minute event, Mark will explain how self-inquiry works, and why writing is such a powerful tool for revealing the stories that shape your life. “When you tell the truth, your story changes,” Mark teaches. “When your story changes, your life is transformed.” He’ll introduce you to his Writing To Awaken Method, then guide you through two illuminating exercises to show you how self-inquiry through writing works. This will be followed by a group discussion, selected readings, and a question-and-answer period. The session will be recorded and the playback links sent to all that register.
Some themes this event will consider are:
~What needs healing in your life?
~What would change if you told the whole truth?
~How to be happy in unsettling times?
~How to locate your self-deception points?
Scientific studies have shown that a regular writing practice has the ability to improve physical, mental, and emotional health in dramatic ways. Writing to Awaken has helped thousands of people around the world to reach their creative and spiritual goals. No writing experience is necessary.
Discover how the practice of self-inquiry promotes healing, deepens insight, and opens the door to transformation.

An Invitation From Mark

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“Mark Matousek is a masterful and loving guide: his wisdom teachings
and brilliantly conceived questions will enable you to open to life-changing truth.
You don’t need skill in writing to partake; all that’s required is the longing to awaken your heart.”

~Tara Brach, bestselling author of Radical Acceptance