56-6584-screen-shot-2013-09-19-at-10-1379610711I’ve gotten lots of good feedback on “The Mystery of Love” in Purple Clover. Here’s how it opens: “Love is the greatest mystery. It comes when you’re least expecting it, and disappears when you think it is here to stay. The heat that ignites it at the beginning is doused by the intimacy it creates. Love’s a portal, a mirror, a cross to bear, a joy, a heartbreak, and an axe. It cuts through your hard parts, the gristly parts, and lays your beating heart bare. Then, one way or the other, it kicks your ass.”   Love as a topic of exploration is fascinating and unfathomable, full of paradox, challenge, and ambiguity. How can something so wonderful be so difficult at times? Is that your experience, too? Click here to read the piece.