MINDFULLNESS_mindI have a new story out today in The Saturday Evening Post.  “Time Out!” looks at the mindfulness movement that’s sweeping across the country.  From public schools to corporate boardrooms, research labs, and even the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C., mindfulness practices such as meditation have made their way into the mainstream, helping people lower their stress levels, sharpen their attention, improve work performance (in the case of students, their grades), become physically and mentally resilient, and improve their relationships.  I talked to Congressman Tim Ryan about his book, A Mindful Nation, Janice Marturano about her work at The Institute for Mindful Leadership, Dr. Richard Davidson about how meditation changes the brain, Chade Meng Tan of Google about his Search Inside Yourself program, Sharon Salzberg about teaching mindfulness, and many others.

As I say in the piece: “When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they did not declare that all men are created equal and mindful, but they might well have in light of this growing phenomenon. ‘Mindfulness’ in the form of meditation, yoga, centering prayer, and other mind-body practices, is sweeping across our stressed-out land like a great breath of fresh air.”

I hope you enjoy the article!