WL_PostTraumatic3“Hardship and pain are the very things we are told to avoid, but If we recognize that darkness can be a doorway into self-realization and can “galvanize and deepen the spirit,” new opportunities begin to unfold.” This is a quote from a new article in the Hudson Valley paper Chronogram by Wendy Kagan. Read the full article here. I’ll be teaching the workshop “Thriving Through Adversity” at Old Stone Farm in Rhinebeck on December 5-8.
“People can manage not only to survive the dark times but also to use that darkness as fuel to thrive in their lives, You can go through the alchemy of suffering and come out bigger, wiser, smarter, deeper, and more loving on the other side. If you’re willing to reimagine yourself, to step into a new zone, all kinds of possibilities can happen.”